Wanna know more about us? Bringing you the most trusted name in Empire All-Purpose Cleaner products across the nation. Building our collateral with non-toxic green products presented by a workforce of young people seeking gainful employment. Buying the proven effective household cleaners allows you to contribute to the environmentally and socially responsible economics of the country. 

What better triple B rating could be awarded? 

Empire Cleaner offers the full line of citrus, original lavender, and contemporary green apple scented degreaser. Biodegradable, natural ingredients not harmful to the environment, exceed the national EPA standards, verified in independent lab tests without any harm to animals, and meet OSHA requirements for non-toxic formulation. Easy on the skin and children and pet safe, it is also the answer to commercial-grade cleaning in your home! 

Non-caustic, free of  volatile organic compounds, are rated effectively with the improved breakdown properties solving oily and greasy cleaning problems. 

Beautification – Restoring graffiti-ridden sites 

Enhancing – Repelling brake dust from wheel rims 

Reclaiming – Relieves hard water stains and soap buildup 

Oxidation – Sparkling chrome and aluminum 

Restoration – Removing ink and wine stains 

Free of materials that get in between you and your surfaces, it is also cost-effective to use. Just add water and a little human engineering. Our one-part Empire All-Purpose Cleaner to your 20 parts of water goes a long way to making your home sparkling! We ship a concentrated package directly to your home. Apply the mild, synthesized, biodegradable formulas to daily household cleaning, flooring, upholstery, leather, bathroom facilities, daily kitchen and heavy-duty overhead exhaust cleaning, and stainless steel polishing. 

Your contribution to helping our young people in inner-city America’s neighborhoods reach up and embrace a rite of passage into earning the confidence of making a way for themselves will go a long way in providing a sustainable future for the young men and women who bring our products to your doorstep!

My company actively seeks out young men and women who are looking for their first steps into an adult vehicle to make a living wage. These young people have the honor and look toward the American open the market as providing a stage to trade from the heritage of the old world in the tradition of apprentices. They learn from proven masters of the sales trade, as the first face ambassadors knocking on your doors. Young people who have the desire to make their ways down an unproven path seek us out to show them the way.

They are outstanding in their desire to succeed and proven their worthiness as my company makes inquiries into their lifestyles Qand their determination to continue down the road. We rely on the confidence of our demonstrators to prove the worthiness of the product, then we ship directly to your home at your convenience. 

This is all about us.

Make a difference and open up your Empire!

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